Saturday, October 27, 2012

The great gatsby and the american dream.

Without doubt, the great gatsby would always be one of the great american novels - the book of hope and despair, of love that never ends, the tragic pursuit of the american dream; of riches attained by shady means, and everything lost in death.
In Jay Gatsby, Scott Fitzgerald created the magical american figure, the descendant of Ahab, the man with a sense of going after a thing desired - in Ahab of Moby Dick it was revenge; in Gatsby the love of a  woman - and like all universal tragedies, both died, without attaining the desires of their hearts. While Moby Dick is a superior novel, a dark, secret, heaving book; the Great Gatsby is less clumsy, more controlled, less metaphycial - and much more full, and pursuing with perfect ambition the american dream of great riches (even through unright means).

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