Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ms.Clinton responsible for diplomats' security?

It is surprising the way, American heads of state, in various positions accept responsibilities after an event has occured. It happens there all the time - and more so after the 9/11 tragedy. The collective american establishment, comes out after a mishap, and accepts responsibility - and after that everything just banks out - goes totally mum. The zero state is reched again - untill something more fresh, more sinister happens.
       The basic fact is, this is not a singularity with american politics - it is a fact that has developed over time in almost every state of the world - to accept responsibility - an act that washes over the final stains. The person in charge comes out, rasies hishands, and accepts - and it is all over. You just need to make a stern face, and the hovering, rabid media claims this to be great, wise, courageous statement.
       And this never ever solves anything - the suffering of the victims stays, and more importantly, the outcome of the next eventuallity, is never lowered. The next time, it happens, an american head of an institution will just raise his hand, accept responsibility, and wil go to sleep.

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