Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why Obama has to win second time for global world?

For a person living outside Us, the media all over the world throws around an idea that the essentialty of america to the world is paramount - and even though half of it might sound good at some ends - and if we take the good part of it, presdient obama's second term at the oval office will do more good to the world's perception about america, than Mitt Romeny's first term does.
           In this peculiar world where colors make impressions,  President Obama, due to obivious reasons will always be termed more freindly to the people right from Brazil, to India, and China, and people in most countries which are not white will accept him much better as a global leader than Mitt. Romeny. Mitt Romeny will be seen as more american - somebody trying to spread america throughout the world; Obama on the other hand would be more about assimilation - about America assmilitaing the whole world into itself.
           And then concern of global security - the question of nuclear armory, which is expanding everywhere, and here Presiendent Obama seems a better hand than Mitt Romeny - Obama will certainly not push a war on anotther country, and one way or the other his policies on world terrorism have always worked.

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