Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cuban lung cancer Cimavax vaccine tests in America

There has been a long term hostility between America and Cuba, lasting over half a century, but the recent warmth that the two countries are developing between themselves would mean that USA which has been a perennial source of medical breakthrough in the world, will have access to Cuba's medical research which is being summed lately as quite enterprising.
       The new friendship between the two countries would  give to USA an anti lung cancer vaccine Cimavax for testing trials, which has the potentiality to fight lung cancer. The vaccine at present, stops the growth of the disease, if there is any, and it has certainly increased survival rates, with very less complications.
        The vaccine Cimavax, developed by centre of immunology at Havana starts an immune response against the epidermal growth factor protein, thereby finishing an important step that cancer needs to survive, thus stopping it to grow.

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